The people that work in long-term and post-acute care (LTPAC) and senior living communities play a critical role in shaping the healthcare industry. At SigmaCare, our goal is to position those care teams for success by delivering the right technology and support, allowing the focus to remain on what’s most important: providing quality care.

Focus on LTPAC & Senior Living

When SigmaCare first opened its doors in 2005, healthcare information technology for LTPAC and senior living was still in its infancy. Solutions primarily focused on billing and MDS, with little adoption of clinical technology.

SigmaCare leaders decided to take a different approach; they built an EHR with advanced clinical decision support and analytics, empowering management with better visibility into their operations and providing tools to clinicians to allow them to make more informed decisions at the point of care. At the heart of the SigmaCare EHR is the resident, with the process beginning with orders and assessments and following the resident across the clinical workflow. The result: An EHR that fosters better resident care and improves financial outcomes.

With a passion for providing innovative technology that empowers providers to optimize their clinical, financial and business performance, we continue to evolve our technology platform to provide even greater solutions across the senior and post-acute care continuum.

Dedicated to Your Success

On day one, we made the decision to become a different kind of technology company—one that would serve as a true partner working alongside long-term and post-acute care and senior living providers to achieve success. This dedication and commitment to our customers has not wavered in the years since the company was founded.

SigmaCare understands that being a hands-on partner is what enables positive outcomes and results when engaging technology. From the initial analysis of your needs, to every step of the installation through post-go live, an experienced SigmaCare team works closely with you and your organization. We see our commitment to clients as an ongoing journey and not merely a box to check off.

Our Leadership Team

From our background to our dedication to customer satisfaction, you’ll find that SigmaCare is a different kind of technology company. Our sole focus is meeting your unique needs and helping you deliver the quality patient care your residents deserve. This is our mission and our passion.

SigmaCare’s experienced management team combines proven leadership and strategic skills with a track record of delivering exceptional operating results in the healthcare technology industry. They share an enthusiasm for improving healthcare delivery through point-of-care innovation, drawing from experience in the pharmaceutical, EHR, practice management, web transaction processing and LTPAC industries.

Stephen Pacicco, Chief Executive Officer

Stephen Pacicco, Chief Executive Officer, has been responsible for setting and leading the corporate strategy and direction for SigmaCare since joining the company in 2006.

Michael Montemarano, Chief Financial Officer

Michael Montemarano, Chief Financial Officer, oversees all aspects of the financial activities of SigmaCare.

Bernie Mangano, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Bernie Mangano, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, consults with long-term and acute care facilities to better understand their business objectives, and then collaborates on solutions to achieve them.

Krishna Bala, Ph.D, Senior Vice President of Operations

Krishna Bala, Ph.D., Senior Vice President of Operations, leads product design, development and integration of the SaaS cloud-based product at SigmaCare.

Anthony Pinto, Director of Performance Consulting

Anthony Pinto, Director of Performance Consulting, oversees the company’s corporate customer relations team, which is dedicated to helping SigmaCare’s customers navigate industry changes and thrive in the new healthcare environment.