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Training Services

Our professional staff designs and implements a customized training program that encourages complete adoption of the SigmaCare® solution. We strive to ensure that every user is comfortable and fully trained by incorporating key adult learning principles throughout the knowledge transfer process. Our hands-on approach stimulates student interest by keeping sessions interesting and enjoyable. We also train Peer Mentors at your facility to continue the instruction to other users and new employees. 

Custom Training Services

  • Role-based curriculum designed for adult students
  • Onsite, classroom instruction by job function
  • Onsite, Peer Mentor "train-the-trainer" instruction
  • Remote training sessions for groups and individuals
  • Competency testing for newly trained students
  • Onsite, one-on-one, on-the-job assistance

Comprehensive Training Materials & Services

  • Online Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  • Online context help within system
  • Detailed User Manuals
  • Quick Reference Guides (QRGs)
  • Webinars on special topics
  • Peer Mentor support groups
  • Regional user groups
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