At SigmaCare, we're dedicated to helping you integrate and exchange information with your partners, including labs, pharmacies and radiology providers, to develop a community of care. With our hands-on support, you can achieve clinical collaboration and improve operational efficiencies. Don’t just take our word; read about the successes from our long-term and post-acute care customers.

ehr SigmaCare partnership


Connect seamlessly and securely with physicians and hospitals to exchange information critical to resident care. Because the SigmaCare EHR is web-based, physicians can access information anywhere, anytime to provide responsive, timely care. For residents transitioning from the hospital to a long-term or post-acute care facility, all information is available at your fingertips.

Billing Systems

Use the SigmaCare EHR to interface with your existing billing system without the need to change vendors for billing, accounts receivable, resident trust fund and general ledger functionality. We can help you transmit and receive MDS and census information from your existing billing system including admissions, transfers and discharges into the SigmaCare system.

Labs and Radiology

Quickly receive lab and radiology reports. With the SigmaCare EHR, results are posted directly to the resident's chart. Dashboard alerts notify you of lab results that are panic abnormal and abnormal, as well as results that require physician sign-off. Clinical staff can also add comments and notations and send results to other users.


Hundreds of thousands of pharmacy transactions take place on the SigmaCare EHR every week and are supported by medication management and pharmacy order content best practices. Through the bi-directional interface, you can send order information, including eRefills, directly to the pharmacy dispensing system and receive dispensed medication information. Your electronic medication administration record is automatically updated, eliminating the need for the facility to manually perform costly month-end medication administration record reconciliations.

RHIOs and HIEs

SigmaCare integrates with regional health information organizations and health information exchanges to exchange automated discharge and transfer information, medications and resident clinical data for participating customers. In addition, the SigmaCare EHR supports the creation of a Continuity of Care Document to foster the exchange of information throughout the care continuum.

“Since using SigmaCare, we have seen significant operational efficiencies allowing more time for resident care.”

- Pam Quinn, Director of Nursing at Orchard View Manor