Visitor FAQs

What type of services does your company provide to help with the transition to your EHR?

With the transition from paper to automation, there is often fear that technology systems will not be adopted. To mitigate this risk, our hands-on training and support guides you through the process to ensure that your staff uses the system to the fullest. Our Implementation Team is dedicated to working with your organization to make sure your unique workflow, processes, and policies are fully understood and supported in SigmaCare. We also provide Performance Consulting, Community Management and Customer Support services after the install to continually drive adoption and help facilities achieve a rapid return on investment by driving outcomes such as reduced risk, lower operational costs, higher reimbursement and improved quality measures.

What is your approach to integrating with other systems?

SigmaCare understands that effective clinical decision support requires sharing information among clinicians within the facility and among vendors and providers outside the long-term care facility such as pharmacies, laboratory and radiology vendors, consulting physicians and hospitals. We support connectivity with external vendors and providers by offering interoperability through Regional Health Information Organizations (RHIOs), Health Information Exchanges (HIEs) or direct system-to-system integrations using electronic data interchange (EDI) standards such as HL7, CCD and NCPDP. SigmaCare’s leadership in interoperability paves the way for our customers to see improved quality care and lower healthcare costs by sharing healthcare information, reducing unnecessary treatments and facilitating operational efficiencies.

What care settings does your system support?

SigmaCare provides EHR and financial solutions for skilled nursing facilities including rehabilitation and nursing care facilities serving short-term and long-term residents, as well as assisted living communities and CCRCs (skilled nursing, assisted living and independent living.)