We believe that “clinical drives everything” and financial success is even greater when using the SigmaCare EHR integrated with financials. Providers using our integrated financials benefit from increased reimbursement, improved cash flow and streamlined operational efficiencies due to the seamless continuum of data exchange from clinicals to financials.

Drawing upon a deep understanding of long-term care, post-acute care and senior living, SigmaCare delivers a comprehensive electronic health records (EHR) technology solution with advanced clinical decision support, analytics and financial tools that allow your organization to stay Mobile, Informed and Connected®.

return on investment

Return on Investment

At SigmaCare, we understand the importance of seeing a return on investment (ROI) for your EHR—through both clinical outcomes and financial and operational performance. From reduced re-hospitalizations and prescribing errors to increased reimbursement, you’ll be able to measure and track how the EHR platform benefits your bottom line. We also provide ongoing, hands-on consultative services to help you optimize the technology and maximize user engagement for long-term success.

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Benefits of Integrated Financials

Our comprehensive, CDS-driven EHR technology helps providers in long-term and post-acute care (LTPAC) and senior living realize clinical and financial success in an environment of increasing operational risk. When integrated with the SigmaCare Financial solution, providers realize even more benefits through increased reimbursement, streamlined operational efficiencies and improved cash flow.

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Financial Solutions

We offer integrated financial modules that can be added to any clinical solution, helping you optimize cash flow by facilitating billing and collections, expediting payments through clearinghouses and streamlining business office operations.

“By partnering with SigmaCare and leveraging their full EHR platform, we’ve been able to better manage the chronic conditions of our residents. This has resulted in improved care and decreased nursing workloads, helping us realize significant cost savings.”

- Dr. Mitch Wolfson, Medical Director at Grand Manor Nursing & Rehabilitation Center