Today’s complex healthcare environment is more challenging than ever. With reimbursement changes and narrowing referral networks, it’s becoming more difficult for providers to increase revenue and optimize census. SigmaCare Referral Source Management turns this challenge into an opportunity. Our leading CRM solution, designed specifically for long-term and post-acute care providers, delivers robust tools and intelligence so you can discover hidden referral sources, focus your marketing efforts and build sustainable relationships that attract even more referrals. Referral Source Management with SigmaCare increases marketing efficiency, improves census and optimizes reimbursement.

Customer Relationship Management

With SigmaCare CRM, you can get the competitive edge you need. Our philosophy is simple:

Identify New Referral Sources

  • Easily locate all referral sources in your market that are not in your database. For healthcare organizations that think there are no more leads available, prepare to be surprised at the referral sources your organization is missing.

Prioritize the Focus on New and Existing Referral Sources

  • Qualify the true potential of all the new and existing referral sources so you can prioritize your resources on those that are high value. You'll be able to set clear goals for your marketing staff and equip them for greater success.

Track and Grow Referral Sources

  • Monitor activity to provide visibility into referral source relationships and identify referrals from that referral source. You’ll be able to understand your marketing staff activity level with that referral source and how your network is growing.

Our CRM allows you to know exactly where you get your best business and effortlessly manage information that builds strong relationships.

Historical Claims-Based Analytics

Our CRM Harvest data solution offers robust local healthcare market intelligence, empowering you with visibility into your business and actionable claims-based data that you can use immediately.  What makes it simple is the way we integrate all this rich data into the SigmaCare CRM solution: it populates new referral source records and adds critical intelligence to the sources you’ve already identified.  We gather the intelligence you need, so you can gather more referrals.

  • Easily identify referral sources with the greatest referring potential to your line of business
  • View market share distribution by the percentage and quantities of patients a referral source sends each long-term and post-acute care organization
  • Obtain a detailed view of the patient mix of each referral source, using metrics such as demographics, county of service, diagnosis mix, and payor mix
  • Examine the rehospitalization contribution rate for every hospital as well as each long-term and post-acute care organization’s contribution to this rate

Referral Source Mobile Application

The SigmaCare mobile application is intuitive and allows you to manage referral sources, contacts, referrals, histories and notes in the palm of your hand, with access in mere seconds. Identify opportunities on the go, and have more productive meetings with referral sources. Some of the benefits of our Referral Source Management Mobile App include the ability to:

  • Connect to your organization’s CRM data on any iOS or Android device
  • Perform CRM functions without internet connectivity
  • Automatically syncs new information within seconds of access to internet connectivity
  • Talk-to-text capability enables you to enter notes hands-free
  • Quickly identify the geographically closest qualified lead while on the go
  • Easily refer to stats, referral source history and updates during your meeting
  • Look up and relay patient status information
  • Capture next steps and schedule your next meeting before you leave

EHR Integration

When integrated with your EHR, SigmaCare CRM will enable you to target the right referral sources and their patients, ensure a smooth intake process, and provide better care.  EHR integration provides insight into patient information which allows you to add value to referral source relationships.

  • Auto-populates CRM with referral and admission data
  • Frequently updates CRM with referral and admission status changes
  • Admission data automatically drives referral ratings and measures in CRM to gain better visibility of top referral sources
  • With our Stats At Glance module, view monthly trends at an enterprise and an account/referral source level for metrics such as:
    • Average length of stay (ALOS)
    • Average daily census (ADC)
    • Current census
    • Admissions
    • Discharges
    • Non-admissions

“In partnership with SigmareCare’s innovative advances, we will be able to lead the way in delivering superior care through healthcare technology.”

- Kevin Stagg, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Christian Health Care Center